FreeCell Wizard Features


center>Double FreeCell

Screenshot of the game Double FreeCell

  • quick mouse shortcuts for easy play

  • undo of all moves played

  • redo of all moves undone

  • automatic game saving on exit

  • over 2 billion starting positions for each game (the first 1,000,000 game numbers are compatible with the FreeCell that comes with Windows)

  • automatic card moving to the foundations

  • full history of the scores of all games played

  • statistics for multiple players

  • selectable card backs

  • download additional beautiful card sets

  • selectable background colors or images for each game

Seahaven Towers

Screenshot of the game Sea Towers

  • snapshot position - return to a previously saved position

  • The FreeCell Wizard - create your own solitaire games by selecting the rules for the game.

  • 15 other games in addition to FreeCell - Antares, Baker's Game, Bastion, Double FreeCell, Eight Off, ForeCell, Four Colours, Milligan Cell, Penguin, Repair, Sea(haven) Towers, Spidercells, Stalactites, Towers, and Two Cells.


Screenshot of the game Penguin

Eight Off

Screenshot of the game Eight Off

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